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* Folder system *

For posting, all you need to make sure of is that your submission falls within the dA posting guidelines, and that the image/story/etc contains rogues of some sort! If there are non-rogues in the picture, just make sure that the rogue(s) either holds the same ground with the other character or takes central focus.

And for those unfamiliar with groups on dA, to submit, simply go to the group gallery. (here's the easy link in!) Under each folder header is a button that looks like this; (+)
Click that button and it will prompt you whether you want to submit a completely new deviation from scratch, or if you want to add one preexisting from your gallery. After choosing from that, it's a piece of cake!

Featured - this is for contest winners. Admin will post things here.

Contests and themes - if we have a holiday theme or contest, all entries will go here. Unless you participated in a previous contest or are submitting for one current, leave this one be.

Comics - this is for sequential art, paneled or not. If you need an example on whether or not to post, take a look within to compare.

Rogue Redesign - Old rogues with new gear! If it's a preexisting rogue in a new costume, it goes here!

MEME - All memes go here! Self-explanatory.

Cosplay - Have you dressed up as a rogue for Halloween or done up as one for a convention? Made a video with yourself starring as one? --this folder's for real people dressed in costume. (Please try and limit this to complete costumes, or works-in-progress of the cloth portions)

Fanfiction - One-shots, multi-parters, drabble collections--you name it! Anything written goes here!

Handcrafts - Sculpt something? Mod an action figure? Fan of papercraft? If it's something in any kind of hands-on 3D media, it goes here. (If costume related, please limit submissions to the props only. Full costumes should go in the 'Cosplay' section.)

Stamps - If you have any support stamps for anything rogue related, put them here!

Rogue misc - Anything else goes here. The majority of submissions will wind up here.

That's the list so far. When submitting a piece, please try to keep it in as few folders as possible to keep browsing easy. And if you have any suggestions on folder additions, don't be afraid to ask!

* Other notes *

As always, this group is slash/femslash/het friendly. No pairing or lack-thereof is any better than the other. Play nicely and if you ever, EVER have any questions, never be afraid to ask.