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Time is closing in on you, guys! It's nearly the seventh, so let's see some more entries!

When Lisa is out tanning, Axel and James are abusing the Slip-and-Slide in the front lawn, and Evan is peeking into mirrors in the girls' locker room at the public pool, it's more than obvious what time it is!


That's right guys, after a wait far too long, we're ready for our next contest, and the theme is listed out big and bold in the lines above; summer time.

As usual, we're asking for as many or as few Rogues as you like for this, old or new, so long as they keep with the contest theme.

Also this time, providing you kids and rustle up ten participants or more: Prizes!

For our first place winner: a 3 month premium membership here at dA
For our second place winner: a 1 month premium membership here

So create, enter, and strive for excellence, guys! The contest ends August 7th 2010!

ClinicallyChaotic - The Worst Crime of All
Axel Walker takes to summer like a shark to a chumming, diving in head first with a malicious streak towards little girls' sandcastles.

FlashBats - At the Beach
Possibly escaping from Axel, Mark and Len sit back and enjoy the scenery, taking in the waves and the sun.

Rabenstolz - Contest - Post Card
True to form, the original Trickster appears as well, enjoying summer in ways only he can really orchestrate: relaxing on the back of a gigantic rubber duck.

ZiaRenete13x - Girls of Summer
Sneaking in under the wire are three Rogue ladies laying back to take in the sights of all the Rogue fellas in their swim gear. Let's hope they've found the grade-A material to stare at from that lot.
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OpalRedverne Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012
I submitted an entry. Hope it's alright...
ZiaRenete13x Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010
Hi! *waves* Are we gonna vote or something. Or just make a post of everybody's entries before the month is over?
ZiaRenete13x Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2010
:( I've been so busy with inventory, commissions, and cons. I've only just got an idea for this, which means I have an hour and twenty minutes in which to pull this off...
dillonmania Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2010
So I have tried to come up with an idea for this, and been totally stumped :\
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Submitted on
August 3, 2010